Kracie - Naive Botanical Olive Hot Cleansing Balm 170g

Brand from Japan: Kracie. Botanical cleansing series that tightly traps the blessings of olives carefully selected from all over the world. Carefully selected olive leaf extract from Shodoshima, which has high rare value, organic olive fruit oil from Spain, and olive squalane from Europe, and blended as a moisturizing ingredient. Contains makeup-removing ingredients (PEG-80 sorbitan laurate) that blends well with makeup so that it melts when placed on the skin, and removes dirt and unnecessary keratin plugs. Adhesion warmth balm dissolves makeup and pore stains. The warming effect that gently warms the pores to bring out dirt and sebum dirt. Familiar with makeup and dirt on pores, and removes it so that it melts. Botanical olive forest scent of 100% natural essential oil. 6 Free: No parabens, animal-derived materials, sulfate (sulfuric acid-based surfactant), coloring agents, synthetic fragrances, alcohol (ethanol). No need for double face wash. A refreshing wash feeling with a tightening ingredient (witch hazel leaf extract). Careful massage promotes blood circulation. How to use: Appropriate amount for dry hands. Take (cherry size). Warm in the palm of your hand. Make it soft. After spreading it over the entire face, massage it in a circular motion and let it blend in with the makeup. After spreading it over the entire face. Like drawing a circle. While massaging. Familiarize yourself with makeup. Rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. With water or lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly.

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